Chocolate Espresso Chia Seed Pudding


Ch-ch-ch-chia! Yup, you heard right!  Those chia seeds everyone is talking about are the same chia seeds from the infamous Chia Pets of the 80's.  Who would have thought these amazing little … [Continue reading...]

Cajun Spiced Sweet Potato Wedges


Who said eating well has to be suck?  When I'm trying to shed some extra pounds, there's one rule I live boring food is coming out of my kitchen!  For me, it's impossible to eat … [Continue reading...]

Tandoori Chicken


I was first introduced to Indian food in college, thanks for my roommate Shreyasi, and it was love at first bite! The flavors are completely new, but also familiar.  Once I started learning about … [Continue reading...]

Canoas (Stuffed Sweet Plantains)


We're having canoes for dinner! Wait...what?  You see, the word "canoa" is Spanish for canoe, which just so happens to be what plantains look like, no? These sweet plantains are the ripe version of a … [Continue reading...]

Cuban-Style Picadillo


Picadillo is an essential recipe for a Latin kitchen.  It's not only a delicious and fast dinner option, but it's the typical stuffing/filling for many delish Latin dishes, like rellenos de papa, … [Continue reading...]

Shrimp Scampi Ravioli


The thought of making ravioli is daunting to many, including myself.  Making pasta at home...who has time for that?! I know I don't on most weekdays, and I'd rather spend my weekends enjoying this … [Continue reading...]

Shrimp Alfredo Pizza with Pesto


I love white pizzas of all varieties, but this...this is definitely my favorite white pizza of ALL time.  I'm a huge fan of alfredo sauce, and I'm always looking for different ways to use it, so that … [Continue reading...]

Guilt Free Sesame Chicken


I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of traditional Chinese takeout.  I'm pretty sure a huge reason for this is how crappy I feel after eating a big pile of greasy rice and sauce-drenched chicken. … [Continue reading...]

Tzatziki Sauce


Is there anything better than tzatziki sauce? As a gyro fanatic, I'd argue that the best part of the gyro is that tangy, garlicky yogurt sauce that smothers the meat and veggies.  Gyros are my … [Continue reading...]

Chunky Garden Style Marinara Sauce


I have to admit, I'm a jarred marinara fan.  There are some really great brands out there, and honestly, who has time to whip up marinara sauce on a weeknight?  But there's definitely something … [Continue reading...]


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